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What is theNogblog? First of all we must define the words “Nog” and “blog.” Let’s start with “blog.” According to Wikipedia

“A weblog, which is usually shortened to blog, is a website where regular entries are made (such as in a journal or diary) and presented in reverse chronological order.”

I will be making regular entries on the website. That makes it a blog. Now that the “blog” def is in place let’s move on to the “Nog” def. A Nog has several possible definitions.

  1. Short for eggnog
  2. Some alien dude off of StarTrek
  3. A small block or peg of wood

Let it be known that I will not blog about eggnog. Nor will I blog about what some people in England put in eggnog. On top of that, I will definitely not blog about the Nog character off of StarTrek. I will leave Nog history to other websites. So what will I be blog about? I will blog about whatever I feel like blogging about. My name is Stuart Noggle. That is why the site is called theNogblog. However, I will make it a point not to write anything more than a small block for each entry. Most people don’t read through websites anyway. I think a small block is manageable for the average person though.
So if you have time to waste every week come do some reading at theNogblog. May you live long and prosper my friend. theNog