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I’m tired of hearing magazine and newspaper publishers complain about Apple withholding subscriber information from them.  They say that it hinders the relationship they have with subscribers. Sending me annoying renewal notices, flooding my inbox with emails, and selling my info to other companies is not a relationship. Instead they should spend time creating content that I want. Here is what I want:

  1. Real journalism and compelling storytelling (something along the lines of ArsTechnica)
  2. No gimmicks. I don’t want a magazine app that is “interactive.” Focus on engaging me with your core content. Once you get that down you can explore the interactive stuff.
  3. Smaller file sizes for each new issue. Someone really needs to optimize the graphics or something. Google has good ads and they are all text. I don’t want videos.
  4. Make and pack my lunch every day.
  5. Code an app that doesn’t crash.
  6. Reasonable prices. No thanks to The Times at $20 a month.

That is all I’m asking. Nothing fancy. Start small. Go back to the basics of good journalism. Thanks.