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I’ve recently been praying about how to reach the lost in my community. Since most of my community involvement is at our local Public School my thoughts kept drifting that direction.

Let me alleviate some of your concerns before I begin. I don’t have a problem with parents keeping their kids out of public schools. I don’t think most fundy Christians have a problem with that. Secondly, I’m not bashing all public schools. There are certainly some good ones. Thirdly, I have not seen Waiting for Superman nor do I intend on running around my school in blue and red tights.

As we all know there is a problem with public education. We are all quick to point out the problem, but I’ve heard very few Christians talk about how they can address the problem. There is a problem when we, as Christians, have numerous opportunities to reach out to public schools and we tend to focus on the lack of morals, the so-called restrictions on prayer, or the “liberal” educators attempting to teach impressionable children in the ways of the devil (according to Glenn?). And we vent and complain and vent and complain…

Christ went to those who needed redemption. He did not sit in heaven complaining about it (Rom. 5:8).

I’m not judging anybody, but I am definitely preaching. If you don’t have a public school kid or a ghetto kid that you are reaching out to, then ask yourself, “is my lack of involvement really the fault of the public school system.”

Our school system and most of our other systems are trending downward because we have withdrawn ourselves from the world Christ told us go into (Mt. 28:16-20).

I’m not “dissing” anybody. I’m including myself and I’m accepting responsibility for this trend. With Christ’s help we can do so much more! My goal this month is to simply reach out. Public schools can keep Waiting for Superman, but in the meantime we should bring them Jesus Christ.

Disclaimer: Iny bad grammers or spallings is da faults uv da public skool sistem that edukated me’s;