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The right tool for the job

I’m not sure if it is my fundamentalist upbringing or that I was taught there is only one, right way to do something. Either way it ruined me for life. I’m sure any cup would work, but I have to use the right one. Here it is—the perfect tool for the job:

  • Mac Mug – Coffee (This has become my favorite coffee mug. It was a gift from my Sis)
  • TWR Latte Mug – Hot Tea (usually Lady Grey)
  • Starbucks Mug – Hot Chocolate
  • Blue – Water (has to be from the fridge)
  • Gold – Orange Juice
  • Purple – Grape Juice
  • Clear Glass – Iced Tea, Milk
  • Thermos – Hot Coffee on-the-go (nuked in glass measuring cup for at least 30 seconds) [not in picture]

You’re probably thinking, ” I can’t believe he took the time to take this photo or even write this stupid post! What a lunatic!” My wife says, “You actually put the drink behind the cup?” I say, “I’m so happy I’m finished seasoning my cast iron skillet!”