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The Details
We have a new addition to the family. Our Son was born Monday, April 23, 2007 at 8:31pm. He weighed in at 7lbs. and 14oz. He was 19.75in long. He did not come out crying, but he cried when the mean, old nurses cleaned him up. When they shut the lights off I was holding him. I got to see my son’s eyes for the first time. (For those of you who are wondering—I did not cry. I was all smiles). After holding him for a moment I handed him off to Rachel. She was so happy to meet him! She was overwhelmed by his perfect face (he wasn’t pruney)! We named him Qade (pronounced Kade) Vincent Noggle.

The Name
Now the story behind the name. Rachel and I were sitting in a church service at Manzano Baptist Church in December. We heard a military guy at the church talking to some people about Qatar. At the same time Rachel wrote down some names and Quade was one of them. I was being a dork and wrote down Qade. We just laughed even though we thought it was cool.

The Poll
A couple of months later I posted a web poll. Then the controversy started. Everyone not only voted, but they gave their strong opinions about our listed names. After collecting all the feedback we realized that no name ended up satisfying every person in the world. By the way, this poll caused some cheating. A certain person even tried to buy the election!

Back to the Name
Rachel and I had the bright idea to pick a name that wasn’t listed on the poll. We searched and searched for names, but we could not find anything [You have to click this link. It will make you laugh!] that would satisfy US! We didn’t want Jr. and we didn’t want a typical name. Our Son’s name should not be carelessly uttered without thought. Somehow Rachel remembered the name I invented while we were at Manzano. After that, the name just kind of stuck with us. The name Vincent came to us in a dream one night. We thought it would look good on a book.

The Meaning
The spelling is transliterated from Hebrew (I was taking Hebrew this semester) or Aramaic. Qade means skilled, wise, clever one. Yup, he’s just like his Dad and Mom!

The Photos
To check out more photos you must add me as a friend on Facebook or Zooomr. We are now paranoid parents. We don’t want to post his photos publicly for the world (and all its crazies) to see.

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