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Pretty CoupleWe had the chance to go to the Biltmore Estate last weekend with some friends. Two of our good friends got us in for free! Here is the thank you email I sent to them:

“The cachet of Matt and Rachael is warranted by the solitary fact that we were all exposed gratis to the Vanderbilts’ grandiose collection of unguarded effigies. Transversely we are concordantly of the same mind with regard to the smashing outcome of this jaunt—we all gained a splendid good day. These two sentences have taken me nine minutes and seven seconds to write and I’m not even sure if they are grammatically correct. The point is that Matt and Rachael are swell. Kudos to you both.

Although I had a wonderful time I am still reminded of the gruesome, dark, cruelty of slavery. I’m sure that you noticed the horrible living conditions of the day. These conditions included the lack of doors on bathrooms, ropes over toilet seats, and strange color combinations (and that was what the rich people had to deal with. Imagine what the slaves had to go through!). Let this trip be a reminder to you of the freedom that we enjoy as Americans. More importantly, may we be reminded of the freedom we enjoy in Christ. Enslavement to money never made anyone happy. But as servants of Christ we can be happy. Peace out.”

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