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I took the lads camping last week. We had a blast being in nature, hanging out together, making spears, and fending off creepy camp neighbors.

Camp Skills
We set up camp. These guys are awesome! They love tent camping because they always get to help with the tent. I think they would easily go to bed every night if we let them live in a tent.

Home Cookin'
We made some delicious Ramen noodles with superb chicken flavoring.

Dinner Time!
We chowed down. After that we visited some friends at Grand View Camp. It was entertaining watching the boys crack up at the skits. Visiting youth camp is still really tough. It is our second summer away from it all. It is really tough when the boys remind me that we used to live at “camp” in the summer. They still remember it all. Hopefully, we can be involved in a similar ministry in the future when our kids are a bit older. Anyway…

Home Sweet Home
We arrived at our home in the woods. We couldn’t build a fire because of the restrictions, but we still found things to do. The boys slept well that night while I stayed up listening to our creepy neighbor walking in the forest. We were the only two campers there and he didn’t have any camping gear set up. He finally left at 3am. I started packing up and made the boys hot chocolate. We all had a great time and I’m looking forward to a few more camping trips this summer.