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Cannonball earned his nickname because he is solid. This kid is tough. You have to be tough when you’re a younger brother and he definitely holds his own. Even before crawling I would swing him by his legs from the floor to the couch. He would laugh like crazy. Cannonball loves to eat. About five hundred times a day he says, “I’m hungry!” and “I’m still hungry!” Everything he eats turns to muscle. He is quite proud of his muscles and he sometimes pulls up his shirt while proudly pushing out his belly.

Cannonball is not made up of brute strength alone. He is very thoughtful. He asks questions all the time. He will raise one eyebrow with a curious look and say, “Did God make the moon?”, or “When I’m a man can I have three Oreos?”. He will help his younger sister and he will copy his older brother. He plans on having “five kids” when he is “a man.”

Cannonball has a cute smile. He loves to be tickled. He has fun simply hanging out with Mom and Dad. Like all kids he needs quality time. His favorite game is “Slap the Deck.” He enjoys the game even while loosing and he gets a kick out of cheating.

It is a blast watching Cannonball grow up and it is a great experience helping him develop. Sometimes he’ll come out of nowhere, sit on my lap, and assuredly say, “Dad, I’m your Cannonball!” I smile back, hug him, and say, “Yup. You’ll always be my Cannonball.”