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Firstborn is of course my Firstborn. He has all the qualities and idiosyncrasies of a first child. He has to be right. He tells his younger siblings how the world works and, in his mind, he is the ultimate authority when it comes to truth. Sometimes the lad will clench his fists and grit his teeth when he can’t deal with being in the wrong. He is Obsessive Compulsive about everything (except cleaning his room). The food on his plate has to be divided into neat sections. If he messes up on a drawing he will scribble all over it and start over. I did the same thing as a kid except I had to cover my artistic work in black. I can sympathize with the kid.

Fristborn can also be sensitive. One time he found a toy we threw away. He wept in sackcloth and ashes because he didn’t want the toy to “go into the fire.” This toy destruction hypothesis was formed when he watched Woody and Friend’s near incineration in Toy Story 3. That reminds me, Firstborn has an incredible memory. Anything he watches, hears, or experiences he can remember. It makes parenting a challenge when you frequently hear, “Dad, you said we can have Oreos today”. He is thoughtful. When we’re outside he will take his sister by the hand and help her avoid cacti while he “looks for snakes.” Sometimes he will help me stack fire wood or take out the trash. Firstborn is a fun boy. He enjoys running, climbing, jumping, hiking, and pushing his younger bro on the trampoline.

I’m so proud that Firstborn loves to hear Bible Stories. Every night he asks to read a Bible Story. He asks questions as we read and he brings up the stories throughout the day. I’m praying the Firstborn will learn to put God first in his life. I LOVE my little Firstborn!