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WeddingToday is our 3rd Anniversary. As we were chillin’ I started reflecting on how quickly things have moved. I met Rachel at The Wilds of the Rockies. We were brother-sister counselors my 1st and 3rd summer. It wasn’t until the 3rd summer that we really started hanging out (things didn’t materialize the first summer because I had some growing up to do). We went on hikes, ate out, and traded a funny note back and forth all summer. We told everybody that we were “just friends.” We didn’t realize that we were following the Buddy System 2.0. The Buddy System requires that you just stay buddies as long as possible so that there is not “dating” pressure. Well, it worked. Camp ended, I went back to school for the fall semester, and we were engaged over winter break. Then I went back to school for the spring semester, counseled/spoke at summer camp, and we were married on August 6th, 2005.

Now we are three years married, we have one kid (and another on the way), and we still have tons of fun. Maybe we’ve entered The Buddy System 3.0!?!

Happy Anniversary to US!