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What a Joke!

I’m an average, hard-working guy living in the sticks. I don’t make much money, but I saved up a year and a half for a top-of-the-line professional Husqvarna chainsaw—the 576XP Autotune.

I will rate the Husqvarna PRODUCT and the SERVICE.

The rest of my family and friends were die-hard fans of another brand. I fell for the Autotune marketing hype and spent my cash on the saw and Husqvarna gear  (28in bar, a 32in bar, 3 extra chains, chaps, Pro Forest Woodsman Hi-Viz Helmet, engine oil, bar & chain oil, and a snazzy sharpening tool). Sure, I looked like a walking commercial for Husqvarna, but I had one of the most powerful saws on the planet!

The first time I showed my brother-in-law (who cuts a ton) the chainsaw wouldn’t start. I sent it back to the dealer twice. The third time the dealer said to take it to my local Husqvarna shop. I did. The service tech said I was starting the saw correctly. He checked my oil mix. I never store saws with fuel. I always clean them after use. He concluded that I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I kept taking the saw back. They finally put on a high altitude kit, but the Autotune still would not work like a professional saw should.  The saw would run for 45 minutes, then it would sputter out or not start at all. It would often take a minimum of 20 pulls to start. I thought it just needed break-in time, but it still would not work consistently. I told the dealer that it was a lemon, but they refused to give me a replacement. So I kept taking it back. I sent videos to the company proving that I know how to correctly start a chainsaw and mix chainsaw fuel. I showed the service tech that the problem is with the saw, not me. The service technician told me that Autotune does not work in our area because the climate changes rapidly. It can be pouring rain in the morning and it can be as dry as a bone in the afternoon. He said the Autotune can’t make adjustments that quickly. He said he doesn’t sell the Autotune in his store. Great.

The saw is barely a year and a half old. It has spent most of it’s life in a repair shop or sitting in my garage unused. My 17 year old (other brand) saw has been used and abused, but it started every time. It didn’t have the power I needed, but at least I could count on it to start.

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This is where it gets good…I took the saw to the repair shop one last time. I dropped it off without fuel, bar oil, and in a clean condition. I also had the oil flow screw held in place by some glue. I asked the service tech if he could fix the saw (because he was a new guy) and he said yes. After a month of waiting and no calls from the “authorized” repair center, I gave them a call. They said I could pick up the saw. When I arrived the saw looked like it had been used. There was fuel and bar oil in the saw. The oil screw was in a different spot. The service tech said no one touched it and I would have to take it to another repair place (3 hours away).

I asked for a receipt showing when I dropped the saw off, the work performed, and when I picked the saw up. He refused. He gave me a blank ticket stub. I asked to speak with the manager. The manager showed up (who also happened to be the owner) and I explained the situation. I will call him Ralph (I’ll conceal his name and store because I’m not that mean). He said no work was performed. He also refused to give me a receipt. I asked him, “I just need something showing how long the saw was in your care. You can even write down that no work was performed if you don’t want to mention that the saw was returned with fuel and bar oil.” If you know me, you know that I keep documentation on everything. It all gets scanned into my computer. I still have a ticket stub from the last time I dropped of the saw at Ralph’s store.

I never raised my voice and I asked for a receipt or ticket stub (like they used to give me). Ralph began to get agitated. When I asked Ralph if we could work something out in his office or outside away from the contractor desk he blew up. He threatened to write me up for trespassing. Now, I’m a teacher. You can’t threaten me with being written up. It. Just. Doesn’t. Work. There were plenty of witnesses and they can tell you that I was polite and professional. He told me to get off his property. I said I would leave when I receive something showing that the chainsaw was in his care. He would not even let me ask any other questions. I was trying to ask him if I could return the next day and we could have a sit down meeting. He kept threatening me. He said he was going to call the cops. I said, “Maybe the officers will help us resolve this. Please call.” I let him throw his fit. Then I asked him again for some type of documentation that he had the saw. He grabbed the saw off the counter, walked outside, slammed it on the ground, and came back inside. When I walked outside to get the saw he slammed the doors shut and locked it. Later I left a voicemail, with my information, once again requesting basic documentation. I have not heard back from him yet.

Apparently the two prior service techs who were authorized to repair Husqvarna saws quit their jobs at Ralph’s store and moved to a competitor’s chainsaw store (one that I did not know about). Ralph’s store was no longer authorized to perform repairs. Now it makes sense why he didn’t want anything in writing.

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At this point I don’t care if Husqvarna does the right thing and gives me a working product. In all honesty I’ve given up on them. I will be happy to move on with my life regardless of what happens. At the very least they can give me two things:

(1) A written apology that they delivered me a lemon—the 576XP Autotune

(2) A face-to-face apology from the store owner (representing Husqvarna without being authorized to make repairs) who acted unprofessionally and refused to give me a receipt showing that the chainsaw was in his care for a month

That is all I want. I’m not going to go on an internet tirade or even spread my story chainsaw forums. I’ve spent enough time on 576XP Autotune already. I’m done with Husqvarna. I will keep the saw on my shelf as a $1000+ reminder. When I need a lawn tractor, a leaf blower, pressure washer, or another saw I will look at the 576XP on the shelf and be reminded to stay far away from Husqvarna.

I almost have enough saved up for another professional saw. After this I will go back to the family brand.