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Rachel and I recently had our first anniversary. But that is not what I am sorry about. I have been recieving reports from a very reliable source (my Mom), that some people did not recieve thank you cards. Many of them want to know if we recieved their wedding gift. Others are greatly offended that they did not recieve a thank you card. FYI this is not Rachel’s fault. I was supposed to handle the thank you cards on my side. I thought I got to everybody, but if I didn’t—I am sorry, so so so sorry. Forgive me for being an ungrateful idiot and thanks for the wedding gifts. Please contact me if you didn’t get a thank you card and you would like to recieve one. Just remind yourself that we all mess up sometimes. Oh yeah, here some pics from our trip to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge for our anniversary.
Wonderworks EntranceWonderworks LobbyWonderworks SpaceGatlinburgCabin