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Camp on Wheels in Canada

We had a fantastic time this summer moving back to Arizona, traveling with Camp on Wheels, and getting settled in. Here is a quick overview of our summer.

We spent most of our time getting to know our boy Qade (born April 23). The rest of the time I worked with Earl Nutz building top-of-the-line cabinets during my second semester. He was generous enough to help me build a dresser for Rachel before we left Greenville! As soon as I was finished with work we moved to Arizona.

We spent three days in Albuquerque with Rachel’s parents. My parents also came down to visit (their grandson). Then we went straight to Alpine, AZ to serve with Camp on Wheels. I had a blast learning to run the competitions and helping the teens have fun.

After a month in Arizona we headed off to Canada for two weeks of camp. We had a ball getting to see the change in scenery from Arizona, to Utah, to Montana, to Alberta. Getting to know a different culture was a valuable experience. We made many friends in Canada and we can’t wait to go back next summer. Once we were in Arizona we began unpacking all our junk.

Most of August was spent getting settled into our house and the community. I’ve been able to meet (and reacquaint myself) with the people in Sanders. We’ve also been cleaning the church, designing material for the camp, and planning activities in Sanders, Phoenix, and Albuquerque.

Good news. I finally received my Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card. That means I can finally apply for a substitute teaching job. Most likely I will be teaching a high school math class.

And that was our fabulous summer!