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The Fam

Free Time
I LOVE my family. My family values time, rather than money or luxury. So I decided to give them the gift of time! This is a huge step for me because I enjoy using my time to help people. The downside is that when you help people for free you end up having more people make demands on your time. This year I put a stop to it. From here on out my family alone gets my time for free!

Table Diversions
We’ve been doing well at this goal so far. I used to fancy myself an expert board game player, but Rachel has beat me at everything except Chutes and Ladders. My slight of hand doesn’t go over well with her and I often end up having to play by the rules. Qade and I sometimes play cars on the coffee table while Myles looks forward to the day he gets to scratch up furniture too. Other times Qade and I walk on the coffee table in order to amuse the other household residents.

As kids Rachel and I hiked all over creation. From the beginning of our relationship Rachel and I have loved hiking. We got to know each other on hikes. We were engaged on a hike. But volunteering for two organizations, trying to make a living, and having two kids ended up relegating hiking to the past. Until now. I no longer volunteer hours upon hours and I’m currently underemployed. So we will take advantage of the free time and enjoy the great outdoors. The positive in taking the kids is that a carrier and backpack provide us with automatic conditioning for a future Grand Canyon hike!

Weekly Design
Every Monday we sit down and go through our schedules. We design the perfect week. We decide when to go for family walks, what to do during the evening, and how to avoid packing out our schedule with things that do not relate to our family goals. We also go over our finances every month to make sure we are not spending our limited income. Sometimes I give input into the meal calendar. I know it seems very business-like, but I look at it as a creative process. Over time we will come up with better ideas for family activities. Our Weekly Design has kept me focused on the most important people in my life—my family.

NOTE: This post is Part 4 of a series on my 30 Day Trial New Years Resolutions.