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Albert Einstein said, “Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.” I don’t intent to be a judge of Truth and Knowledge, but I do intend to become a better pupil of Truth and Knowledge.

All those little roads in my head sometimes become traffic-jammed because my curiosity is sparked very easily. When this happens, my valuable thoughts do not have room to roam. My brain becomes grid-locked and I end up creating nothing of value. For instance, my wife tells me she wants a Bohemian necklace and I spend hours researching Bohemianism. Then I end up with a bunch of useless knowledge and I still have no clue what kind of necklace she wants. This year only those thoughts that have value will receive the right of way. I will do whatever it takes to keep those “Bohemian” cars off of the mind roads.

Everybody wants to learn another language, but we never take the necessary steps. Over my short lifetime I’ve studied Navajo, Spanish, Ancient Greek, and Ancient Hebrew. At the time I was learning those languages it was required (not to mention I had tons of other things to study for). Now that I have a little more time on my hands I want to become proficient in Ancient Greek. I’ve also been studying a modern language early in the morning. I will let you know what language that is if I become moderately skilled at speaking it.

What good is knowledge if you don’t track and review it? Meditation is my tool for revisiting those truths that have caught my attention. My journals become the tracking tool for those thoughts. I’ve also found that mediation helps me verbalize my thoughts to others in a slightly understandable manner. I’m going to make much more use of mediation this year. The main result should be a greater sense of clarity for me and for others.

The gist of all this rambling is that I NEVER want to stop learning. I’m going to have a disciplined system for learning this year.

NOTE: This post is Part 6 of a series on my 30 Day Trial New Years Resolutions.