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The Navajo Rez has never been known as an incubation chamber for great writers (come to think of it, the Rez has never been an incubation chamber for “great” anything). English and Grammar were non-existent through my K-12 years. Given my history there should be no reason for me to enjoy writing. But one day, in Gump-like fashion, I decided to start writing. I realize that I will never be a great writer and I realize that I have a history of poor grammar skills. But we all have to start somewhere, and this year I’m focused on three main areas to improve my writing.

You may have already noticed consistent blog updates. My goals is to systematically update the blog each week. The content categories will remain the same and the postings will be more frequent.

One of my favorite things in the world is to sit in a coffee shop with a Pilot V-Ball Grip Extra Fine Pen while arranging words in a journal. Rachel deserves all the credit for introducing me to the joys of journaling. I have a personal journal, a ministry journal, a marriage journal, and journals for both the boys. The thing I love most about pen and paper is that it forces me to choose my words carefully. I’ve committed to one journal entry per week.

I would like to share the humor of my grammatical blunders with people that I care about. Most of the time I do this through hand-written cards. Other times I write personal letters. John Adams has become my inspiration for lifelong personal correspondence.

I’m optimistic that these avenues of repeated scribbles will improve my writing and perhaps earn me the title of “writer” someday. You are always encouraged to leave feedback and corrections to anything I write!

NOTE: This post is Part 5 of a series on my 30 Day Trial New Years Resolutions.