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Squeaky’s nickname started out as Sweetie Pie. I started calling her Squeaky Pie at one point and soon dropped the Pie. Now she responds to Squeaky or Squeaks. Not only is she the youngest of the three, she is the most adorable. She carries her doll baby with her everywhere. She still can’t use complete sentences, but she communicates pretty well by screaming, crying, or laughing.

Squeaky has a contagious smile. She gets a really big smile after she is told to stop doing something. Stop walking on the table: big smile. Don’t mess with the stuff on the shelves: big smile. Get out of the cupboards: big smile. She also has fun being chased around the house. I’ll catch her, throw her on the couch, and tickle her to make her pay for all her deviousness.

She loves to climb (just like her brothers). She’s already climbing the chain-link fence, trees, and the playset. She’s an outdoorsy girl and she’s not afraid of dirt under her fingernails or on her face. Sometimes she lets her brothers dump dirt on her head. Squeaky is still a girl. She wears her turquoise ring daily. She loves her clothes and her shoes. She likes me telling her she is pretty and she is (gets it from her Mom). I Love my little Squeaky! (Mess with her and you will surely die).