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This past academic year was my first official year teaching. Graphic Design was a blast and I think most of my students had as much fun as I had. Here are some things I learned:

  • Teaching is just as demanding as ministry. Instead of two speaking responsibilities a week I had to speak 5 times a week and 6 times a day. I was forced to be entertaining and instructive every week day (I didn’t always succeed at that).
  • Students are smart. They just need some motivation and a little TLC.
  • Students don’t always make smart decisions.
  • Students are respectful and responsible. I didn’t have one discipline problem in my class all year.
  • The pen is mightier than the sword. Chuck Norris is mightier than the pen.
  • Students are patient and forgiving. I have rough days too and my students always understood.
  • The government’s idea of “accountability” is seriously broken. Don’t get me started.
  • My politically “liberal” co-workers are wonderful and caring people. I enjoyed working with them. Contrary to what people think (including Uncle Glenn) they are not Satan’s Servants. They really love their students. I thankful that my co-workers are such great examples to me.
  • I hate texting.
  • I still enjoy being around teenagers!

I’m not sure how many years I’ll be doing this public teaching thing. I respect all those teachers who have stuck with it. The paperwork and bureaucracy can wear you down at times. I’m just thankful that I get to be around teens eight hours a day. It is all great ministry preparation, but more importantly I think it is ministry.