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If I include substitute teaching I’ve actually been teaching five years. This past academic year was my third year teaching Graphic Design. Every year gets better. Here are my third year lessons:

  • Students are sometimes overwhelmed by work. They will thank me later in life for not making it easy. 
  • I LOVE my students. They are fun, intelligent, and crazy. 
  • Students are people too. They don’t always act like it. Sometimes they act like animals.
  • Thank you notes are the number one tool for breaking down barriers and building bridges. It takes a little thanks to make friends and influence people.
  • I can lead adults. This was an odd discovery. I got over my fear of speaking to adults. I’m still a weird, socially awkward, creepy computer geek though (I wear socks with sandals too). 
  • Administrators are still powerful. Chuck Norris is still more powerful than administrators.
  • Teachers care. Stop blaming teachers. Let’s blame the politicians. 
  • I might be interested in politics someday.
  • The Teacher as The Entertainer—it works.
  • I needed to spend more time with my students outside of class. 
  • I like righteous rebels.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud is a stupid idea. 
  • We finally earned a first place finish for our NATIVE SkillsUSA Competition. 
  • I’m so excited about Big Momma!
  • We don’t need reform. We need true leaders.
  • Get things done by inspiring people NOT threatening them.
  • Next year I need to pace myself and be willing to say NO.
  • I enjoy being a chaperone if it means going to Disneyland
  • If Chuck Norris were a teacher, I think he’d choose to be me.
  • Chuck Norris did not approve the previous statement.
  • It disturbs some people that I talk about Chuck Norris so much.

Next year I’ll be taking a break from teaching students. I’ll be teaching teachers how to integrate technology in the classroom. I’m excited about the new opportunity, but I’ll definitely miss my Design Peeps.