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This semester has been a whirlwind. I can’t believe it’s almost over! As usual, I’m starting to miss the Seniors. As usual, I feel like I’m not going to get everything done before the end. And, as usual, I’m brewing ideas for next year. In the process of preparing I’ve done a little reflecting. Here are some lessons I learned from Year Two:

  • Students can perform at high levels. You have to push them to perform better than their best. 
  • Students are fun. Every class this year was incredible! They all make me laugh and I hope they come back next year.
  • Students are talented. Show off their work and they will win you accolades.
  • I work with amazing teachers. So many of them stick with it year after year and receive no recognition. I just want to give a shout out to all the veteran teachers I’ve copied.
  • Teaching is frequently quashed by the amount of required paperwork from the State and District.
  • Administrators are powerful. Chuck Norris is more powerful than administrators.
  • We are loosing high culture. Students have no clue about Michael Landon, Lorne Green, Lake Wobegon, Fred Mertz, or The Real Richard Simmons.
  • I agree with Steve Jobs—PowerPoint is overrated.
  • Boring creeps in. You have to constantly try new things and avoid paperwork at all cost.
  • Apparently I mispronounce Kid Cudi (as in “cooties”) on a daily basis.
  • I STILL love working with people that completely disagree with me.
  • Students are tired of new teachers and new administrators every year. They want to keep the “old” ones. Hopefully our new teachers will fall in love with the students at Sanders and become old teachers at Sanders.
  • Students will love AIMS if you hype it up. Make things fun and students will learn.
  • I’m so glad the world will be ending and we won’t have to mess with AIMS next year.
  • My Graphic Design Promo video shows very little classroom work. I need to update it for next year. 
  • The enemy that nearly killed Chuck Norris—PAPERWORK!

So that is it. My second year of teaching Graphic Design. If you want a glimpse of what we do in Graphic Design be sure to check out the Promo Video [below]. Contact me for the video password.