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The weekend of my birthday (Sep. 10) we took a hike. Usually when people use the phrase “take a hike” they don’t mean it nicely, but when WE take a hike it’s bound to be an adventure. This time was no exception. We set out from our place about 11am and drove for some 30 min turned around a couple of times and then there at the dead end of a street—VOILA!! there was the trailhead. Fall Creek Falls as it is unimaginatively named, is someplace you might never think of hiking. I know I didn’t when I first saw the thing, but it turned out to be one of the best surprises! The trail is 1.7 miles from the head to the falls, but sometimes it feels a bit longer. Winding up, up, and up for quite a while it’ll take your breath away! Still it’s a well maintained trail that sometimes resembles a wash for really wet seasons, but wide enough that 2 people can walk side by side. We saw some amazing things while making our way back to the falls. One such thing that sticks out in my mind is some really strange looking spiders who weave their webs right across the path. Walking into a spider web is creepy enough, but when you’ve actually seen the spider somewhere on it, that makes it worse. I don’t know if they were really out to catch people, but if so they really need to make their webs a bit tougher. Another interesting thing along the way was some very unique mushroom like growths. However, I must admit that I’ve never seen yellow and orange mushrooms, so I wouldn’t advise trying them. It might be more than your belly can handle, and I’m even a ‘shroom lover! At one point in the trail after hearing the waterfall for quite awhile you finally round a corner and (gasp) if it weren’t for the trees you could really see it! But patience pays off, and after a few more yards it does open up. The waterfall is spectacular! Coming from a Colorado background I never would have expected to see such a large waterfall out here in the Carolina hills. It came rushing and gushing down 2 levels of black rock and was beautiful! We had to scramble down a steep slope, with the help of a cable, and dodge a couple of yellowjacket’s nests to get to the bottom, but it was worth it! Looking up that far and seeing the water shoot over the edge and feel the fresh spray was worth all the uphill climbing and spiders, and millipedes, and bees. It just felt like living, and that’s really what going for a hike is all about! View the Entire Photoset from this adventure.
Shadow Waterfall Yuk Ahhh! Yum!
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