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Name Poll ResultsWell the do’s have it and according to the poll on the blog the baby’s name should be chosen by poll. It might just have to come down to that anyway as we just cannot seem to come up with a name on our own. You’d be amazed at all the resources available for naming your baby. You can choose what letter to start and end with and then search for something that falls in between. You can search by origin or meaning. That’s a cool feature, you just type in a meaning that you like an *poof* up comes a list of names that sorta mostly means what you wrote. Or you can search by country or ethnicity. I tend to gravitate toward the Irish and Scottish names personally. Who knows why. My mom tells me I like the vowel sounds. Maybe that’s it. I’ve begun to learn what a HUGE responsibility it is just to name a child! When you’re single or maybe “in love” it’s easy to think up names that you just know you’d name your future children. Ask anyone and I’m sure they’ll have a ready made list of names they like. I did, and I still like some of them, but there’s a problem.

Once you’re married and actually staring at the firm reality that you are really going to have a baby of your own, the names that seamed so cool or cute suddenly just don’t measure up. And there is now two of you holding the bar of excellence as high as you can. I mean this is going to be YOUR baby and you want that child to have the “perfect”
name. Not one that every other kid has, but not one that’s so weird the other kids will pester him. Beyond all of that you have to consider that your sweet baby is going to have to live with the name you randomly chose for him for the rest of his days!! It’s a daunting task let me tell you!

There are several couples in my own acquaintance who have had their children named practically within the first twenty four hours of the stick showing positive. I envy them in a way. Here we are, in the last “stretch” (ha ha) and our precious ever squirming babe has no handle. But good things come to those who wait, they say. Being the oh so patient person that I am I think this baby name is going to be the pentacle of all names with the waiting that we’re doing. Oh, and the thought that finding out what we are having would help “narrow it down” really didn’t help at all. I’ve been staring at lists of baby names for so long they all begin to look the same. So we’ve reached the end of the rope. We’re actually going to do a blog poll. Even so…. I still retain my right of veto. Read and consider wisely for us, and then pick the name you like the best anyway.