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In retrospect it is always easy to see what went wrong. The popular fad since the Presidential election is to blame McCain’s failures on Sarah Palin. Other people are blaming the liberal media. A few people are claiming that Obama is the Antichrist and there is nothing we could have done anyway. Well I will throw my theory into the mix—McCain lost to Bush…Again.

In the 2000 Republican primaries George Bush trash-faced John McCain. Senator McCain could do very little to squelch the lies about his character. Eight years later—Bush destroys McCain without saying a word.

  • McCain used the typical Bush heebie-jeebies strategy. ‘Democrats will raise taxes, Obama has really bad friends, liberals will over-run America’ and the list goes on. Americans are familiar with this tactic and were tired of it. People were looking for a message of hope so badly that they were willing to overlook flaws.
  • McCain used the Bush form of communication (or lack thereof). He gave uninspiring speeches, refused to answer tough questions, and blamed the media for his unpopularity. Rather than wooing the media he let them become an enemy.
  • McCain hit the Bush panic button. From the beginning McCain never had a clear plan or message. He consistently reacted to problems rather than offering creative solutions. People did not want another four years of snap decision making. People needed a consistent message that gave them some hope of stability. ‘Just staying the course’ or ‘sticking with it’ is not the best solution for tough times. American needs more than that.

Perhaps McCain should have done more to reveal his character. Rather than sticking with party lines and President Bush he should have been a true Maverick. Finding a better solution to Iraq, coming up with an alternative to the bailout, acknowledging Republican/Presidential wrongs, and offering positive solutions to get American back on track would have lent credibility to McCain the Maverick. Anything else sounds too much like Bush.