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I think this is my first political post that is not about Mike Huckabee. I am still whining that he is not the Republican nominee. My whining is not as much as other Republicans. I listen to and read a lot of political content. Lately, it has been Republicans whining about how the media is treating Palin. This is just another thing for them to blame the liberal media about. I agree that the media is being unfair. But has the media ever been fair? We need more Republicans who move beyond the media. They need to be comfortable with unfair questions and turn those questions around to prove their point. Here are some tactics that might help:

    • "Yes, and" or "no, and" technique – Yes, and here is why I believe that. Answer questions with yes and no and then clarify yourself. Most people love straight up answers even if they disagree with you. If you use "yes, and" very quickly it will make if difficult for them to edit out just the yes.
    • Tell a Story – Sure journalists today are very intimidating. They are trying to create stories rather than tell stories. Instead of letting them create the story, you can take control. For example, "I saw a child die in the arms a person who could help them. It was the most horrific thing I’ve seen in my life. From that point on I decided that I’m going to do everything in my power to give everyone a chance at life."
    • Know Some Obscure Facts –  Journalists like to act like they know it all. Simply throw out some facts that you’re sure they will not know about. Be confident and act like you are an expert on the topic.
    • Remember Your Fans: Your strongest supporters track down everything you say. Watering down your beliefs does not encourage anyone. If your supporters see that your are taking a stand they will take a stand for you. Stop being politically correct and rally your troops!
    • Be Constructive –  Objectively criticize your own party and address the issue. Talk about how you are going to be different from your party in order to find common ground. Getting things done in politics should be about negotiation. Find solutions to everything.
    • Lighten Up – Liberals are people too. Most of them love to laugh. Connect with them on a human level and find ways to relate to them. Do not be afraid to laugh at yourself or at your party.
    • Be Nice – Even though they are breathing fire you can take the higher ground. Treat them with polite professionalism. Do what you can to make them look good as a reporter. If they can come up with a great story they will look good. Again, be the one that creates the story and make them look good delivering your story.

      Republicans need to start out-thinking their opponents.  They need to become solution oriented and they need to take responsibility for their mistakes. Liberals will always make things as difficult as possible, but that is just a part of politics. If Republicans stop complaining and start communicating they will begin to regain the confidence of voters.