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congress.jpgI have a bill that I would like to submit to Congress. It is a bill that helps Congress learn to be servants. Here is the gist of the bill.

(1) Members of Congress take a pay cut. They learn to live with very little like the rest of America. They can earn up to $20,000 annually.

(2) Members of Congress go on deputation (just like I have to do). They are allowed to take up to $1 in contributions from each constituent. This money goes towards their salary and their ability to listen to the people.

(3) Members of Congress may not take contributions from corporations or industires. Again, only $1 from individuals. Their election/re-election is dependent on their motivation of large numbers of voters to campaign for them.

(4) Members of Congress learn something worthwhile. Members must have a college degree or equivalent that has an emphasis in science or math. Enough with lawyers who are only good for subtracting money from hard-working people and adding to our national debt.

Congress should immediately pass this bill in order to get our country back on track. Leave your vote (Aye/Nay) or add your thoughts to the bill in the comments! You may also contact your Representatives and Senators to request their support for this bill.