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The state of financial software on the Mac has never been something to write home about. Windows users have always had a plethora of financial software to meet their needs.

Apple should create personal financial software. Quicken used to be fine on the Mac, but they’ve had a shaky development history. Quicken Essentials will never be what Quicken 2007 was and Intuit has no plans to bring the features of 2007 to the Mac anytime soon. They keep adding bandaids to their Mac development (i.e. now Rosetta in Lion). Thankfully some good financial software has sprouted up. I don’t think that there is killer financial software for the Mac yet. Mac users have waited a long time and we deserve something from Apple. Here is what iBalance should be:

  • Every great Mac app looks good. I’m thinking something with the GUI of Cha-Ching (which I purchased and it was then bought out by Quicken) and the slick charts in Squirrel.
  • Some type of automatic budget tracking (similar to Money) should be included.
  • Feature-wise the app needs to shoot for the features in iBank and the Windows version of Quicken.
  • iBalance should have a receipt tracking feature like Paperless so that important receipts can be tracked in the program.
  • It must allow split transactions, categories, and direct imports. Custom reports would be a nice addition too.
  • Above all iBalance must sync perfectly with the iBalance iOS app so that I can enter transactions immediately. A bonus would be that it ties into Apple’s future NFC payements system so that all my purchases can be automatically tracked.

At this point one can only wish. For now I’m trying out the new Money 4.