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evernote.gifI struggle keeping tiny pieces of information together on my Mac. Stuff that I want to keep, but not stuff that is useful in my everyday workflow. I’ve been using Evernote since it was first introduced. In my opinion this is the coolest Web 2.0 software ever. It works on the Mac and iPhone (also Windows and Windows Mobileā€”if you are into that kinda thing). Evernote is a super-advanced notebook. You can use it to keep track of your notes and web clippings just like other notebook software. The coolness enters when you upload a photo with text. It can be text in a nice font, handwriting or scribbles on a paper. Evernote scrubs your uploaded text and makes it completely searchable! You can access your notes through the client software or through your webbrowser. Evernote has become my collection box for all things! Try out their generous free account and save your notes forever!