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I found a great idea at Productivity 501. Anytime I can streamline my life I go for it. The idea is to create a template folder for clients. Since I do graphic design and photography this is a perfect fit for me. I did not want a folder called “z_template” sitting around my computer so I brought in Automator to help.

1. Read the post on folder templates at Productivity 501 to give you some background. Download the example Automator workflow.

2. New Folder. Customize your subfolders in each New Folder section. I chose to use “_Billing”, “_Contracts”, _Notes, “_Material”, and “_Wrap Up”. Subfolders will initially be created on your Desktop.

3. Get Specified Finder Items. Choose paths to each of your subfolders.

4. New Dated Folder. In this section create a destination for your new client folders. The workflow’s default is the Desktop. On my computer I have it set to my Projects folder.

5. Go to the File menu and save your workflow as a Plug-in or an Application.

When you run the workflow it will create a folder in your specified destination (point #4) with all your specified subfolders (point#2). The template folder will be made with the current date and titled “ProjectName” but you will have the option to change “ProjectName” when you run the workflow. Get the workflow download from Dropio. Hope this helps. Please leave a comment if you have suggestions to make this better or you encounter any problems. Peace.