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I recently met a very helpful dude online. I was trying to debug some snazzy Javascript at Mike Manor Music and I was hitting a wall. I posted a plea for help at MooForum. Troy replied on the forum that he was willing to help. He provided the code that I was using for free. He also offered to give support for the code for free. We used GTalk and Pastie to narrow down the code. Troy patiently taught a newbie (me) some basic methods for debugging code. When we finally found the bug I was ashamed. The bug was something I introduced into the code. It ended up being a simple fix. I thanked Troy and offered to pay him for his time. He declined and we parted ways. With the internet being mostly anonymous it was nice to meet someone willing to step out and be a real person. More than anything, it taught me to never underestimate the power of unconditional service. If you get the chance, or you need a web developer, you can find Troy at consider: open.