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eBible PreviewAlthough I prefer using the ESV Bible Online for my internet Bible I am sometimes dissappointed by its lack of options. Enter—eBible. An online Bible that is chock-full of Web 2.0 features. All the way from AJAX to tagging. eBible presents the Bible in a clean interface rather than an out-of-date interface like Bible Gateway or a cluttered interface such as This Web 2.0 program makes the Bible fun and easy to use. However, don’t let its simplicy fool you. eBible offers dictionaries, commentaries, and my favorite—a paralell Bible option. So if you want to try out the latest and greatest Web 2.0 Bible, add your name and email in the comments section. Be quick though because I only have 3 eBible invites. I recieved my invite a bit unconventionally. I told the eBible team that I was a blogging Mac user as well as a poor seminary student. Here was their relpy:

“Just because you spoke the love language of blogging and macs we will let you in. That and seminary students deserve more perks. Have fun and remember we only work with Camino and Firefox on Macs right now (Safari support will come at some point though). Blessings!”

The great thing is that Camino is my favorite browser. Even better is that after all that special treatment and after previewing the quality of eBible (even in its beta stages) my new prefered online Bible is eBible!